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With the growing interest in skilled Coimbatorians exploring Canada for immigration, we at GreenTree, the best Canada job consultants in Coimbatore bring to light the various visa services we offer in the city. We provide top-quality job assistance services for permanent residency visas and our process team is highly engaged in the process. This makes us one of the finest visa consultants in Coimbatore for all your PR needs with 100% client satisfaction.

The second largest city in Tamil Nadu and a rapidly growing tech hub, Coimbatore is a dear-to-heart land with an impeccable heritage, of course in addition to the sweetness of Kovai tamil. And, we are more than delighted to play part as the best Canada immigration consultants in Coimbatore, a city we always look up to for its amazing culture and people.

GreenTree Coimbatore — One-Stop Hub for All Canadian Immigration Needs

Our office space in Coimbatore is a pleasant and convenient premises located in G-1, Ground Floor, Grand CAG Central (Opp to pillar) accompanied by a new-age tech infrastructure to ensure a smooth Canada immigration process.

Being the most renowned IRCC immigration consultants in Coimbatore for seamless Canada immigration process, GreenTree has brought to life the PR dreams of several aspirants hailing in Kovai. Our experts are highly responsive to every query of yours, resolving visa and immigration doubts with utmost clarity. Each client profile we receive regarding Canadian permanent residency is studied thoroughly, finding every possible means to bring a positive outcome without hassles. We are renowned for being one of the best Canada job consultants in Coimbatore, and for providing extraordinary job assistance while processing your application.

Our Canada immigration services include

GreenTree Immigration has been known as the icon for immigration and Immigration assistance,Our iccrc registered consultants in coimbatore helps your immigration porocess hassle free,We dwell to produce results, Your Application for immigration is safe with the best company in the industry

Permanent Resident Visa

Skilled professionals with a permanent residency granted, can work and live in Canada indefinitely. PR holders can study, work, or buy properties in Canada, can bring their families and can avail all the privileges as that of a citizen except for voting rights.

PNP Visa

Obtaining a PR through the Provincial Nominee Program let skilled workers work and settle in a particular Canadian province or state. It is a non-Express Entry process and requires aspirants meet the eligibility requirements of that specific state you wish to live in.

Dependent PR visa

PR holders can sponsor their family (spouse and dependent children) for a permanent residency in Canada. With a dependent PR visa, the family should apply to be sponsored whereas the prime PR holder should apply to sponsor.

Visitor Visa

Travellers need this official document to visit and stay temporarily in the country for a specific period of time, usually valid for 6 months. Tourists or friends/ family of people living in Canada can acquire a Canadian visitor visa as an entry grant for a short stay.

Study Visa (Under SDS & Non SDS)

SDS: Via the Student Direct Stream, applicants can get a student permit in a matter of 20 days. It is a fastrack permit to enter Canada;

Non-SDS: Those applicants who are not eligible to apply through SDS, can make it through Non-SDS, a general category that takes around 7 weeks to process. It requires students to submit a GIC alongside other documents.

Open Work Permit

It is a non-job specific grant for International students or skilled professionals to obtain an entry to work in Canada. Certain rules or conditions might be displayed on the documents which type of employment or employer can the person work in.


Aspirants who are granted permanent residency are required to carry a PR card on travelling to Canada. It is a must-have document as a proof of permit while boarding a flight to the country.

Post Graduate Work Permit

PGWPP or the Post Graduate Work Permit Program lets you work after you graduate in Canada. It is only applicable for those graduating from Canadian designated learning institutions. This helps students gain Canadian work experience for processing their PR.

Quebec Immigration

The rules for a visa grant to work or obtain a permanent residency are different from the rest of the country as the province of Quebec has a separate list of conditions and eligibility criteria to satisfy with a mandatory work experience of at least 2 years.

Quebec Study Visa

To pursue studies in the province of Quebec, you need to obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a designated learning institution in Quebec along with a Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

Self-Employed Program

To immigrate to Canada as a self-employed worker, you must be able to demonstrate cultural or athletic skills that will contribute to the respective fields in the country. This accompanied by at least 2 years of work experience as a self-employed person is mandatory.

Business Immigration

It is possible for qualified business people to make a move to Canada through this pathway. It is required for the business to submit a Letter of Support from a designated entity, demonstrate language proficiency, and showcase sufficient funds to settle in the country.

By choosing green tree make your dream come true for your successful career who solved many crucial tasks in a short span.If you are willing to Apply for Permanent resident, Business, Study and tourist visa we are able to serve you better at your doorsteps kindly share your details or reach with us on our beloved address

Express Entry Pathways for Canadian Immigration with GreenTree, Coimbatore


The Federal Skilled Worker Program allows skilled workers from various occupations listed in TEER to obtain permanent residency in Canada.


The Federal Skilled Trade Program is applicable for those aspirants who are skilled in a particular trade with at least 2 years of relevant work experience.


Immigration under the Canadian Experience Class can be applied by skilled workers who already have work experience of at least 3 years in the country.

Use our Canadian PR points calculator to self-evaluate your profile and to get to know if you qualify to apply for permanent residency.

Check your Eligibility for Canada Immigration PR Visa

Eligibility standards for immigration to Canada will rely upon which pathway you pick out of the several which might be to be had. It's very crucial to select the proper one, as creating an incorrect preference could mean useless delays & jeopardize your possibilities of canada immigration. Count on us that will help you determine the first-rate viable alternative. Even though the eligibility standards will vary for exclusive pathways, a number of them are not unusual.


The minimum age to apply is 18 years. Get maximum points, if you are between 18 and 35.


Higher secondary is minimum. You may need higher education depending on NOC code

Work Experience

Minimum of 1-year work experience. But to score higher points, more experience may be required

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English or French is must. Also, provide the approved language test result, i.e. IELTS


Earn adaptability points for past education, work experience, relative, etc. in Canada.

Arranged Employment

You get valuable points for having arranged a job offer from Canada.

You have to score at least 67 points in the selection criteria score if you are applying through Express Entry.

You need to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in English or French.

You should not be younger than 18 years of age.

You are required to get a police clearance certificate & a medical clearance certificate.

You will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds.

You should hold a minimum Bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a Canada PR visa

Canada Visa Consulting Services Offered at GreenTree, Coimbatore

Individual Profile Analysis: We never generalize things! Every profile is unique and ought to be studied carefully for the best visa outcomes — that’s exactly what we do at GreenTree (the best IRCC immigration consultants in Coimbatore).

Expert Recommendations: The Canadian immigration pathways are many and based on our expertise in this particular field for years, our visa agents offer precise recommendations that our clients would benefit from.

Commitment to Service: Our motto is to give our 100% with every case that we handle and hence, it is our commitment to offer the best visa services that has made us one of the top Canada immigration consultants in Coimbatore.

Clear Eligibility Evaluation: Age, study, work experience, marital status, etc, are some of the factors that determine if an aspirant is eligible for Canadian immigration, and a clear-cut evaluation process happens before any consultation is given.

360° Documentation: Documentation forms an integral part of the Canadian immigration process and it demands utmost precision for a visa grant. This is exactly why we at GreenTree, Coimbatore take care of all the documentation your PR or other visa types involve.

Transparent Processing: Transparency is the key to any visa processing. We make sure you are fully aware of what is happening with your immigration workflow and in what stage you are before the big grant.

Constant Follow-ups: We let you know of everything that needs your attention and documents from your end. We constantly watch every move with your Canadian visa process and communicate the same with you via constant follow ups.

IELTS Guidance: IELTS is a very important aspect of getting your required score for Canadian immigration and our visa consultants in Coimbatore offer any assistance that you may require to demonstrate language proficiency.

Job-Hunting Tips: We are also known for our post-immigration services. Once you obtain a PR, we offer on-point assistance and tips to help you land in your dream job.

Stepwise Canada immigration Process for PR VISA

Our Canada Immigration process advisors in Coimbatore will offer entire steering in the course of the application process.

All documentation necessities counting WES accreditations will be taken care of by us.

We can contact the concerned offices from time to time & provide regular updates in your utility popularity.

Our Canada Migration specialists team in coimbatore will deliver you the vital direction to apply & get a therapeutic clearance certificate as well as a police clearance certificate.

Our Canada Immigration Consultants in Coimbatore will be on bolster to supply you with exhortation and tips to get a work in Canada

If you are Immigrating aspirant to Canada willing to migrate,study ,work or Invest in Canada.Our Canada Migration specialists team in Coimbatore will deliver you the perfect solution for your immigration progress..By choosing green tree make your dream come true.

Why Choose GreenTree, Coimbatore for Canadian Visa Processing?

100% Client Satisfaction: We at GreenTree, Coimbatore have also put our clients before anything else. And, 100% client satisfaction is something we aim to achieve with every profile.

Data Security: A visa process is something that requires you to provide a lot of sensitive information from your end. We being the most reliable IRCC immigration consultants in Coimbatore, keep your data protected at all costs.

Practical Feedback: We are utterly straightforward when it comes to profile evaluation. Our consultants provide legit feedback on the odds of you obtaining a Canadian PR visa.

Trained Experts: Our Canada visa agents have undergone thorough training regarding every step of the immigration process and are highly professional when it comes to handling clients.

Consult our GreenTree experts today to ensure your complete Canadian PR visa process is taken care of with holistic services from the start to end for your dream immigration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How much do Canadian PR consultants charge?

For the Canadian PR process, it costs around $1350. The PR consultation charge varies with profile and hence, we recommend you talk to our expert consultants in Coimbatore for detailed pricing.

Which consultant is best for Canada PR?

While there are many renowned Canada PR agencies in Coimbatore, GreenTree ranks among the top Canada consultants in Coimbatore for its trust, reliability, and success rate.

Do we need consultants for Canada PR?

PR process is quite a lengthy process that involves various crucial steps and documentation before a PR is granted. To ease this, it is advisable to go for a seamless Canada PR consultants like that of GreenTree, to take care of all the backend process.

How to apply for Canada PR from Coimbatore, India?

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