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Coimbatore is known as the "Manchester of South India" and is Tamil Nadu's second largest city after Chennai. The city has beautiful traditions and culture. It's famous for its textile industries, agriculture, and automobile products, and now IT sectors have soared in a larger number. In short, Coimbatore is known as Kovai. There are numerous places and sites that are worth visiting in Coimbatore. Coimbatore is a hi-tech city, and many IT professionals are looking forward to moving to New Zealand.

Are you a Coimbatore resident aiming out for New Zealand immigration and expecting to visit the best New Zealand consultancy? Connect with GreenTree Immigration’s Coimbatore branch in NAVA India, the best New Zealand visa consultant in Coimbatore to land your feet in New Zealand.

Which is the Best New Zealand Immigration Consultant in Coimbatore, India?

GreenTree Immigration is undeniably one of the best New Zealand immigration consultants in Coimbatore, providing a range of immigration services. Our Coimbatore Branch New Zealand team had profound knowledge and years of expertise in providing services for New Zealand. We take all the essential steps and minor details into account for every client to process any visa. GreenTree immigration is also one of the leading New Zealand study visa consultants in Coimbatore providing study visas and student-dependent visas to students aspiring to study abroad.

What are the various immigration routes that GreenTree Immigration, Coimbatore offers to New Zealand?

Our GreenTree Immigration Coimbatore branch is providing excellent services for New Zealand immigration, covering Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas and student visas.

The services covered by the GreenTree Coimbatore branch for New Zealand immigration are as follows:

  1. Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa and Permanent Residency (PR)
  2. Study visa
  3. Dependent visa
  4. Visitor visa
  5. Student Dependent visa
  6. Study visa

What qualifications must I meet in order to immigrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand is known for its numberless employment and is one of the best places to study. Hence, New Zealand has some intense requirements for immigrants to move and reside there. Don’t think too much about it! Contact GreenTree Immigration, Coimbatore branch, to make it an easy process.

To obtain New Zealand immigration, you must be able to obtain 100 points out of a maximum of 330 on the grid.

The following point grid is provided here for you to calculate your chances of immigrating to New Zealand.


You must be above 18 years to 39 years to avail highest points.

Educational Qualifications

A minimum level of 5 (Diploma) is required. You can obtain 50 points for Bachelor's and 70 points the maximum for a Master's degree, PhD and Post-doctorate as the levels increase.

Work Experience

To obtain points, you must have at least two years of work experience. You get extra points for additional work experience.

Language Proficiency

English language is compulsory to move to New Zealand. IELTS with a score of 6. 5 is accepted. Other English language tests can also be taken.

Partner Eligibility

The educational qualifications of your spouse/partner can help you earn additional points up to 20. To acquire this opportunity, your spouse must have an IELTS score of 6.5.

Plaudits Points

You can gain extra points if you have any connections with New Zealand can be either studies or employment.

Various steps involved in Skilled Migrant Category visa (SMC)/ PR Approval:

You have to score 100 points in order to qualify for an SMC visa/PR pool.

Once you have obtained 100 points, you are eligible to submit an "Expression Of Interest" (EOI) to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Currently, NZ is inviting people with 160 points and above under the EOI.

You will be invited to apply for residency. You should submit the residency documents back to the New Zealand government.

Your candidature will be subject to application profiling by the New Zealand government.

You will receive your nomination from the New Zealand government once your application qualifies.

Documents verification by NZ government

Submit biometrics - face ID and fingerprints

If all the processes are endorsed you will be approved for an SMC visa.

Are you looking to calculate your eligibility for New Zealand Immigration? You can calculate your New Zealand PR points from here - New Zealand Immigration PR Points Calculator .

What services are provided by GreenTree Immigration to expedite the process?

You can visit our GreenTree Immigration Coimbatore branch and avail a free and detailed consultation with our leading immigration consultant regarding New Zealand immigration. Our Coimbatore-based New Zealand immigration team has managed various New Zealand Visas and is professionally skilled. Our expert consultants make sure that you fortuitously move to New Zealand.

Our New Zealand Immigration Expert will explain in detail the points you earn for each requirement.

Our immigration expert can assist you in calculating your PR eligibility.

Our team will help you with the essential documentation.

Our process team and consultants assist you by explaining the entire application profiling process.

GreenTree Immigration has exclusive offers and reasonable dual profiling.

GreenTree Immigration's Coimbatore branch also provides IELTS assistance.

We will refund you if your profile is disapproved. However, we will ensure that your application approves and that you immigrate sooner.

What are the significant advantages of moving to New Zealand?

There are copious reasons to immigrate to New Zealand. The major and considerable merits of immigration to New Zealand are listed below:

New Zealand is not overpopulated and New Zealanders are down-to-earth and outgoing people

Best universities like the University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, and many more provide world-class education

Innumerable chances to earn New Zealand dollars

Benefits of Healthcare

Moderate cost of living compared to many countries

The Kiwi island country has great weather

GreenTree Immigration, Coimbatore Branch - Excellent recommendations & guidance for NZ SMC visa and other visas

The GreenTree Immigration Coimbatore Branch, situated in NAVA India is known for its success rates in immigration services for New Zealand. We understand every client's needs and come up with greater solutions to their queries.

GreenTree Immigration, Coimbatore Branch, has provided a number of services for New Zealand immigration and types of visas. Some of the services offered by the Coimbatore branch of GreenTree Immigration are permanent residency (PR)/skilled migrant category (SMC) visas, student visas, student dependent visas, visitor visas, and dependent visas. GreenTree Immigration is also known as the best New Zealand PR consultant in Coimbatore.

You can contact our immigration experts in our Coimbatore branch and resolve all your inquiries regarding the application and registration for a New Zealand immigration visa. The contact details of our Coimbatore branch are provided here.

Connect & visit our GreenTree Immigration Coimbatore Branch, the best New Zealand Visa Consultants in Coimbatore for assured New Zealand Immigration services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Which consultancy is best for New Zealand Immigration services in Coimbatore?

Ans : GreenTree Immigration is one of the best and most renowned consultancies for New Zealand immigration in Coimbatore.

What services are provided by GreenTree Immigration for New Zealand Immigration?

Ans : The services provided by GreenTree Immigration Coimbatore Branch for New Zealand Immigration are SMC Visa/PR, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Dependent Visa, and Student Dependent Visa. We can assist you and provide quality and diligent services concerning any clarifications on New Zealand immigration.

Does GreenTree Immigration provide job assistance for New Zealand?

Ans : Yes, GreenTree Immigration provides the most honest-to-goodness job assistance concerning your profile.

Can I calculate my New Zealand PR eligibility for free?

Ans : Yes, you can calculate your New Zealand Immigration eligibility free from our website and contact us for further assistance and understanding.

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