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With a rich history, Hyderabad stands amazingly beautiful and with pride as a central hub for trade, economy, tourism, technology, and development. The city is an absolute bliss to be at and is very close to our heart at GreenTree Immigration, one of the best Canada Immigration consultants in Hyderabad with a country-wide reputation.

Hyderabad is known for its momentous population with a great percentage of whom are students, skilled professionals, and businessmen currently working and living abroad. We at GreenTree are consistently working towards bringing your immigration dreams to life.

Being a prominent Visa consultancy in Hyderabad, we take a holistic approach in guiding you throughout the immigration process, making it a breeze. All you need to do is sit back and relax while we look after every detailing that your PR journey involves.

Immigration & Visa Services Offered at GreenTree, Hyderabad(Telangana)

GreenTree Immigration has, over the years, built exceptional expertise in the different areas of immigration, rising as reputed immigration agents in Hyderabad. Providing professional assistance in every step of the way, our highly qualified visa consultants in Hyderabad will ease your entire visa journey for everything from helping you choose the right pathway to documentation and grant. We make sure your visa process is absolutely seamless and stress-free to study, work, or settle in countries like:



New Zealand

Getting a visa involves a number of different steps that require diligence, detailing, and accuracy for positive outcomes in regard with your immigration process. Being fully flexible in understanding your visa needs, we curate the best possible solution to effortlessly dwell in the land of your choice.

GreenTree Immigration is known to be the best immigration consultancy and has been known as the icon for Immigration assistance. We dwell on producing results and outcomes. Your immigration application is safe with the best company in the industry.

About GreenTree Immigration Hyderabad

Assessing every skilled professional’s eligibility in precise detail, our team of extremely proficient consultants at our branch, GreenTree Hyderabad, we are the country’s finest Canada and Australia immigration consultant alongside visa services for New Zealand, Germany, USA, UK, France, and Italy.

Our premises in Hyderabad fully speaks our vision to provide quality counseling and assistance that will smoothen the end-to-end immigration flow while you can sit back and relax. Just like our other branches in India’s top metros, GreenTree Hyderabad also holds a high success and customer satisfaction index for visa services like:

Permanent Resident Visa

Visitor Visa

Study Visa

Dependent/ Spouse visa

Super visa

Temporary Resident visa

Open- work permit

Post Graduate work Permit

Return Resident visa

Dependent child visa


A Complete Roundup of Visa Services at GreenTree Immigration, Hyderabad(Telangana)

Individualized Profiling: Each person’s skills, education, work experience, and other visa parameters are completely different from another and hence, we offer case-by-case guidance and not just generic advice.

Dedicated Consultant: You’ll be assigned a dedicated visa consultant who is experienced in the complete immigration process of the country you choose to go to, be it for study, work, to settle, or tourism among others.

Visa-Specific Counseling: Immigration processes might be challenging and hence, our squad of visa experts counsel the right pathway, the requisites surrounding it, and the sequences of events that follow for seamless migration.

Relevant Eligibility Check: Qualifying for a particular visa is the first step in your immigration journey. By making the best of our expertise at GreenTree Hyderabad and automated visa eligibility calculators, we assess your eligibility with utmost efficacy.

Documentation Filing: There is quite a number of documentation that is involved in a visa process. To lift the stress off your shoulders, we compile, streamline, and submit your documents at the required timelines without amiss.

IELTS Inputs: To help you score best with your language proficiency, we provide the right inputs and suggestions to ace the language test with top scores that will eventually boost your overall points for your PR visa.

Process Transparency: You have every right to know what exactly is happening with your visa process and we are trusted as the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad for our transparency in every single move with your visa application until the day of the grant.

Job-Related Tips: In total, we offer all the suggestions, tips, and current job market updates for a smooth transition to your dream country and finding a job in the relevant field of your skills and visa type acquired.

Why Choose GreenTree Immigration Hyderabad for All Your Immigration Needs?

Peaking Success Rates:Year-on-year, the volume of clients and the percentage of visa grants have been skyrocketing to newer heights. It is quality service that matters the most to us and genuinity in speaking out all the possibilities for a successful residency grant to your dream country.

Fully-Equipped Premises: Both our physical and technical infrastructure is aesthetically best in the country. Everything you need to peacefully communicate, share details, and get going with your visa process is taken good care of.

Trained Visa Specialists: Every consultant at GreenTree Immigration, Hyderabad, has been officially trained to serve you the best and hold years of experience in visa trends and the immigration workflow of different countries we handle visas for.

Information Confidentiality: We secure the data and integrity of all our clients and hence, every information surrounding your visa and immigration process is sealed and not prone to any kind of disclosure.

Fully Responsive: Each and every query, in any medium, is addressed with the lowest turn-around-times and we are also appreciated by applicants as the most responsive visa immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

Contact our visa specialists at GreenTree Immigration Hyderabad, right away to fulfill your immigration dreams of landing in your favorite country via permanent residency and other visa types!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How can I work and settle abroad from Hyderabad?

It is via obtaining permanent residency can you work and settle in the country of your choice. Talk to our immigration agent in Hyderabad today to know more about your eligibility and visa processing timelines to get a PR visa for you and your family.

How long will it take for my visa to get granted?

Each visa and pathway of countries are different. By large, it might take 6-8 months processing times or even longer in certain cases based on the type of immigration you’ve opted for.

Can I get my visa eligibility check done at Hyderabad?

Simply contact our consultants online or by call and our specialists will make sure an appointment is set and the eligibility check is done at ease on consultation. You can also use our PR visa calculator for self analysis on your eligibility.

Is a refund issuable on rejection of my visa?

Visa processing fees are paid to the respective assessing authorities which cannot be refunded. However, we will guide you in the best way possible to reapply with the right requirements in the right pathway.

Will my information submitted for visa processing be confidential?

As mentioned before, any details pertaining to your visa like study, work experience, or other sensitive information is fully shielded and protected and not shared with 3rd party or advertisers of any sort.

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