Skilled Migrant category for new Zealand

New Zealand welcomes skilled people from all over the world to contribute their economic growth to apply for this skilled migrant category (SMC)visa. This category combines point based system minimum requirements (for this minimum points under the law is 100). Minimum requirements are the age under 55. SMC is a direct stream it can submit in both paperwork and an online stream. And the ranking is based on the points-based system. The applicant has to ensure whether their profile is eligible to apply for this program or not. The ranking is based on the core human factors On the factors such as the age, character, health, qualified experience and language ability. .

New Zealand SMC Eligibility Points

A candidate must get at least 140 points to select in the pool automatically.The points is been scheduled two or more in a month based on their requirements.To Qualify in SMC the applicant profile should achieve 100 points minimum and with a valid job offer can get a point of 135 and need to required 140 points have a high chance of getting SMC.To qualify in NZ SMC system are calculated in various factors such as Age, language proficiency, Education or job offer from NZ government, Spouse Job offer, Spouse qualifications, Family or close relatives in New Zealand.


Age category contains a maximum of 30 points whereas the points decrease as the age increases

Age Points
20-32 year's 30
30-39 year's 25
40-44 year's 20
45-49 year's 10
50-55 year's 5


Education category provides the applicants a maximum of 60 points for the highest level of education Postgraduate and Master's and it decreases accordingly for

  1. Masters/Doctorate 70 points
  2. Bachelors 50 points
  3. Diploma 40 points
  4. *Applicants pursued ITI are not eligible to apply for this program
  5. *Applicants with any mode of education can apply for this program


Experience awards a maximum of 30 points to the applicants if the applicant have 10+ years of experience is eligible to claim 30 points lesser the years the points decreases accordingly

Points Year of Experience
10 points 2 years
20 points 4 year's
30 points 6 year's
40 points 8 year's
50 points 10 year's and above

Language ability

The applicant has to undertake language test recommended by the New Zealand government.For a skilled Migrant category, you must have a minimum IELTS-6.5 Band overall academic module.

The applicant has to achieve the required threshold band as suggested by the Green Tree immigration Expertise in any one of the above-mentioned language tests

Settlement funds

The applicant will have to show proper funds for the cost of living, travel, and relocation.The applying candidate should show 1000$month for the period of 9 months as a proof of funds.

Benefits and features

New Zealand skilled migrant has the right to stay in the country permanently some of the features have been listed

How we help to get New-Zealand Skilled visa?

You might have got a clear idea about the skilled migration category (SMC) visa process, Eligibility requirements, and language ability. Though it's a computer-based system it's a hassle-free you need an immigration expert to assist you to improve your profile score and update information about the various daunting visa procedures to Immigrate to New Zealand we at green tree make your visa dream come true by assistingall the immigration needs.

How does process flow

  1. Profile Eligibility check and Approval by Green Tree Immigration A Grade Review Team
  2. Sign up with Green Tree immigration and an Expertise Process Executive officer will be appointed personally for applicant's profile
  3. Submit the basic documents as requested by the case officers
  4. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) applying for this document will evaluate the standard of education and applicants' educational credentials and equalize with the New Zealand standards
  5. EXPRESSION OF INTREST (EOI) this an application submitted to the New Zealand government includes all the mandatory documents (IELTS or PTE, IQA Assessment)
  6. Submission of Medical certificate and Police clearance certificate and other supporting Documents will be sent to the embassy for clearance

How do you initiate? Get in touch with us

Just as simple as that Share your details with us and you will receive a call from our visa experts all the information and produces will be fed to the applicant by our visa experts Check your eligibility initially to get more knowledge about the progress

Atlantic Immigration Pilot for Employers

AIPP designed to fill permanent labour shortages and skill gaps in your business by supporting foreign nationals for permanent residency. There are three different streams which aim to address different needs. The Atlantic High Skilled Program allows attracting highly skilled individuals, the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program allows attracting semi-skilled individuals, and the Atlantic International Graduate Program allows attracting recent graduates from Atlantic Canada post-secondary institutions, there are no fees payable.

Eligibility Skills

International Graduates

If you graduated from a publicly-funded PEI post-secondary institution, the International Graduate stream is employer-driven, allowing Island employers to fill positions that they are unable to fill through the local job market.

Eligibility Skills

Demand NOC Prince Edward Island

Examples of Skill level C Occupation
NOC Code Eligible Occupations
9462 Industrial Butchers
7511 Long Haul Truck Drivers
6513 Food & Beverage Servers
7154 Delivery Workers
3413 Licensed Nursing Assistants
8431 General Farm Workers
Examples of Skill level D Occupation
NOC Code Eligible Occupations
8611 Fruit Pickers
6731 Cleaning Staff
NOC Code Eligible Occupations
2146 Aerospace Engineers
2211 Chemical Technicians
2232 Aerospace Inspectors
3111 Specialist Physician
3112 General practitioner and family physicians
3012 Registered Nurses
3141 Speech-Language Pathologist
4011 University Professors
4152 Social Workers
7201 Machinists
7237 Welders
Examples of Skill level C Occupation
NOC Code Eligible Occupations
3413 Licensed Nursing Assistants
4412 Home support workers
6411 Sales executives
6513 Food & Beverage Server
6541 Security guards
6552 Contact centre agent
7511 Long Haul Truck Drivers
7154 Delivery Workers
7452 Material handlers
8431 General Farm Workers
9462 Industrial Butchers
9463 Fish and seafood plant workers

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