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Are you eager to visit and attend university in the United Kingdom in cities like Scotland, Wales, England, and many more? The United Kingdom is well-known for offering world-class education, scholarships, and other benefits. The UK is a fantastic and phenomenal destination to live and study, but before you begin to prepare for your journey, you should probably apply for a UK study visa.

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What is a UK study visa? What are the types of UK study visas?

If you are above the age of 16 and qualify the below requirements, you can be able to apply for a UK study visa.

    1. Have been given a program seat by a recognized student sponsor
    2. Have good English communication skills
    3. Possess the funds necessary to sustain and pay for the degree program (The fee will change based on the university you have opted)
    4. If you are ae under 18, parent’s consent is required
    There are three major types of study visas in the UK.

    Student route visa

    The student route visa was originally known as the Tier 4 General student visa. You are eligible to apply for this student route visa if you will be studying an English language course for more than 11 months or if you will be studying any course at a UK university or institution for 6 months. You must apply for this student route visa three months before the course's commencement date.

    Short-term study visa

    English language programmes that last less than a year or 12 months are covered by short-term study visas. Make sure you know which student visa is best for you, as a student route visa is much more expensive than a short-term study visa. You can apply for the short-term study visa 3 months before the day you want to fly to the UK.

    Child Student visa

    You will qualify for a child student visa if you're under 18 years and wish to attend any independent or private institution in the UK. The child student visa is also known as the Tier 4 visa.

How many intakes are there in the UK?

In the UK, there are two main intakes offered by universities and colleges, but only a handful of them additionally provide the third intake.

Autumn/Fall Intake

The Autumn/Fall intake commences at the beginning of September and lasts until December

Spring Intake

The spring intake commences in late January and lasts until April

Summer Intake

The summer intake commences in April and lasts until June

What are the language requirements to apply for a UK study visa?

Candidates applying for the student visa must be able to demonstrate their English language skills and abilities.

Candidates can demonstrate their English proficiency by following the below criteria:

What is the step-by-step procedure to apply for a UK student visa in 2023?

The step-by-step procedure for applying for a UK student visa is given here. Kindly look for all the requirements and details needed to submit your UK study visa.

One can submit an application for the study visa in person at the British Embassy in your state or country, or remotely or online on the official site of the UK Government.

You must apply for a UK study visa at least six months before the start of your program. If the study visa application is submitted later than the deadline, it has the potential to be rejected. You must submit your visa application at least two weeks prior to the commencement of your course.

What are the documents required to apply for a UK student visa in 2023?

The essential documents required to apply for a UK student visa are mentioned here.

What requirements must I meet to renew or extend my UK student visa?

If you want to remain and pursue a different programme of study, you might be allowed to extend or renew your student visa. This applies even if you already hold a Tier 4 (General) student visa.

To extend or renew your UK student visa, you must qualify for the following:

  1. Have a confirmed acceptance for studies, as represented by your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a certified student sponsor
  2. Must have a current student study visa and be residing in the UK
  3. Provide the academic progression requirement

You have another option where you can switch your visa type to ‘graduate visa’, and stay for 2 years after the completion of your course.

  • The fee for extending your study visa is £490 + healthcare surcharge (varies per person)
  • The fee for switching to a graduate visa is £715 + healthcare surcharge of £624 (depending on how many years you intend to stay)
  • The Graduate Visa costs:
  • Period Cost of Graduate Vis
    2 years £ 1248
    3 years £ 1872

    What are the application processing fees and time for a UK study visa?

    The visa processing fee and the processing time for the UK study visa are given in detail here.

    General/Student Route Visa
    Visa type Visa fee (in £) Visa fee (in INR) ) Visa processing duration
    General/Student Route Visa £348 - £363 (outside UK) 34,931 - 35,100 3 weeks (15 days)
    Short-term study visa (11-month visa) £200 20,075 3 weeks (15 days)
    Child student visa/ Tier 4 £363 35,100 3 weeks

    Why should you choose to study in the UK and what are the advantages of a UK study visa?

    Are you contemplating studying in the UK? You have plenty of reasons to choose the UK. Some of the benefits of studying in the UK are listed below:

    What are the best institutions in the UK to attend in 2023?

    Looking for some excellent universities for your graduate or undergraduate programs? Here are the top ten best universities and institutions in the UK, as curated by the QS Ranking, that you can attend in the UK:

    Name of the University QS Ranking as of 2023
    University of Oxford 4
    University of Cambridge 2
    Imperial College London 6
    University College London (UCL) 8
    The University of Edinburgh 15
    The University of Manchester 28
    King's College London 37
    London School of Economics and Political Science 56
    The University of Warwick 64
    University of Bristol 61

    What are the few best scholarships provided by UK universities?

    Each university has its own reward structure and funding allocation. Some academic and research programmes not only reimburse a portion of your living expenses but also provide up to 100% of the tuition fees.

    To enroll in UK universities with less or no tuition fees, you can apply for any of the well-known official scholarship and grant programmes:

    1. GREAT Scholarship
    2. Scotland Saltire Scholarships
    3. Chevening Scholarship
    4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)
    5. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

    What is the cost of education in the UK?

    • Tuition costs vary according to the degree programme and institution or university you choose. Inside the UK, there are various prestigious schools and colleges, each with its own distinctive course fee structure. The standard cost of learning is shown here:
    Study Program Standard fees/year
    Undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000
    Postgraduate (master's degree) GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000
    Doctoral degree GBP 15,000 to GBP 24,000

    What are the living expenses in the UK?

    Students must be able to support themselves financially while attending university and living in the UK. Funds required for one's maintenance are mentioned here. The amount of money you'll require is determined by the location where you'll attend your university. You'll require one of the following:

    Location Duration Cost per month
    Courses outside London 9 months £1,023
    Courses inside London 9 months £1,334

    One can expect the following monthly living expenses in the UK:

    Expenses Monthly cost
    Bills charges (water/electricity/gasoline) £40 - £50
    Travel & Transportation (student pass) £32
    Food Fare/Groceries & Home utilities £160 - £200
    Mobile phone/Internet £15 - £50
    Entertainment & Recreation £120

    What are the reasons your UK study visa gets rejected?

    Here are a few of the frequent grounds for UK visa denials during the initial stages of the visa application.

    • Insufficient documentation and paperwork
    • Unsatisfactory Academic Grades
    • Inadequate preparation for interview
    • Years of the gap between your education and employment
    • Shortage of funds
    • Presenting false information

    What should you do when your student visa for the UK is rejected?

    There is no time constraint on how many times you can reapply for a UK student visa if your application is denied due to immigration regulations. Simply review the reason for the visa denial and ensure that you fulfill the requirements before reapplying.

    When your visa application is denied, one could do the following:

    • If you meet the requirements listed below, you may apply for an administrative review.
    • Rejected visa application
    • You reside in the UK or applied in the UK
    • You are dissatisfied with the length or restrictions of your leave
    • If you have a legitimate justification for one you can file an appeal
    • If your study visa application is denied you can resubmit
    • A re-evaluation is an option that is only available for specific categories of applications

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Does the UK study visa require IELTS?

    Most universities require an IELTS score. However, there are a few institutions that don’t ask you for an IELTS score in the UK.

    What is IELTS for the UKVI?

    To take the IELTS for UKVI test, candidates for UK visas must sign up on any one of the UKVI sites. The IELTS exam is intended to fulfill some administrative criteria unique to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). The test's structure and questions are the same as those in the IELTS.

    What is the major reason for the UK study visa being refused?

    Insufficient funds and documentation are the two major reasons for the visa rejection.

    What is the UK student visa's 28-day rule?

    The money you use for maintenance or course fees has to remain in your account for a full 28 days before you may spend or withdraw it, as your visa may be rejected.

    When can I start to apply for a UK study visa?

    Six months before the commencement of your course is the ideal time to apply for a student study visa.

    Does GreenTree Immigration provide a UK study visa?

    Yes, GreenTreen Immigration, is known as one of the best consultants in India for UK study visas. You can book your appointment today with the best UK study visa agents in GreenTree Immigration.

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