India’s Top Canada Immigration Consultants in Kerala

With an impeccable literacy rate, Kerala, God’s very own country, is brimming with skilled professionals who are highly eligible for immigrating to Canada. Who better than GreenTree Immigration, the best Canada immigration consultants in Kerala, to approach for your seamless student and PR visa processing?

Kerala has always witnessed an increasing number of professionals migrate to Canada for work and study year on year. The immediate need to fill in the various openings across industries with smart brains has urged the growing interest of professionals from Kerala to settle in Canada across the country.

GreenTree’s Canada Immigration Services in Kochi, Kerala

Our team of experts in Kerala have guided hundreds of professionals to migrate to Canada by recommending the right pathways to move to Canada with an increased success rate. Canada PR visas are becoming highly popular in recent times among Keralites due to the skyrocketing demand for skilled Indians across several states and territories.

Some of the top visa services offered by GreenTree Immigration in Kochi, Kerala are:

Permanent Resident Visa

Business Visa

Study Visa

Work Visa

Tourist Visa

Since our Canada immigration consultants in Kerala are up-to-date on all the happenings related to Canada PR visas, the regular updates in the Express Entry process, and the step-by-step visa immigration documentation, emerging as the best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi.

Diverse Pathways for Immigrating to Canada from Kerala

A visa is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Each profile’s educational background, skills, and work experience is different and hence, there are a number of routeways aspirants from Kerala can migrate to Canada and we’ve curated a list of the same. Also, if you are skeptical about choosing the right pathway for your profile, our GreenTree Canada immigration consultants are always available to guide you in the right direction to help achieve a PR.

Express Entry System

A fastrack points-based system for skilled workers to obtain permanent residency in Canada. It is a fully online process that allows Canadian migration through 3 different programs namely, (1) Canadian Experience Class (2) Federal Skilled Worker Program (3) Federal Skilled Trades Program. Profiles submitted will be ranked against each other in the Express Entry Pool and the ones with the competitive CRS will be sent an ITA.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Most preferred pathway for skilled professionals who target a specific province or territory. Each province is in demand for a particular set of occupations and this is one of the popular ways skilled workers can migrate to Canada by nomination.

Self-employed person Program

For self-employed people who want to contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada. Aspirants who have at least two years of skilled experience and have the resources to be able to be self-employed can opt for this stream for migration.

Family-Sponsored program

A pathway that lets your family immigrate to Canada if you are a citizen or permanent resident in Canada. Your Spouse/ partner, children, and relatives can be sponsored to work and settle in Canada if you are over 18 years of age.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Skilled workers who want to work and settle in the Quebec province of Canada. Quebec has its own rules for immigration and applicants who want to settle here ought to satisfy the province’s eligibility criteria. Aspirants should primarily obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate for the same.

Investor Immigration

Immigration pathway for capitalists who are willing to invest in Canada. A minimum investment of $200,000 is a mandate for venture capitalists applying for Canadian immigration through this stream, and the amount should be $75,000 for an angel investor group.

Check Your Eligibility for Canada Immigration PR Visa

The eligibility criteria is different for different pathways. However, we’ve clubbed the most common requirements that overlap across visa pathways.


The minimum age to apply is 18 years. Get maximum points, if you are between 18 and 35.


Higher secondary is minimum. You may need higher education depending on NOC code

Work Experience

Minimum of 1-year work experience. But to score higher points, more experience may be required

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English or French is must. Also, provide the approved language test result, i.e. IELTS


Earn adaptability points for past education, work experience, relative, etc. in Canada.

Arranged Employment

You get valuable points for having arranged a job offer from Canada.

A minimum of 67 points is mandatory, if you are applying through the Express Entry.

The candidate should be above 18 years of age.

At least a Bachelor’s degree is required for fetching points under study.

A positive report relating to your study by Education Credential Assessment (ECA).

While English or French language test results is a mandate, you can claim extra points for proficiency in both.

Points for overseas work experience are counted while additional points are awarded for Canadian work experience.

Police and medical clearance certificates.

Show ample proof of funds.

Use our Canada PR calculator to check your eligibility, know profile score and your chances of immigrating to Canada in quick easy steps.

Stepwise Canada immigration Process for PR VISA

Our Canada Immigration process advisors in chennai will offer entire steering in the course of the application process.

All documentation necessities counting WES accreditations will be taken care of by us.

We can contact the concerned offices from time to time & provide regular updates in your utility popularity.

Our Canada Migration specialists team in kerala will deliver you the vital direction to apply & get a therapeutic clearance certificate as well as a police clearance certificate.

Our Canada Immigration Consultants in kerala will be on bolster to supply you with exhortation and tips to get a work in Canada

If you are Immigrating aspirant to Canada willing to migrate,study ,work or Invest in Canada.Our Canada Migration specialists team in kerala will deliver you the perfect solution for your immigration progress..By choosing green tree make your dream come true.

Top Benefits of Immigration to Canada

Great standard of living

Migrate with your parents

Free medical benefits and services

Study in Canada’s top ranked universities

Accelerate your career growth and earn in Canadian dollars

Experience a wide range of employment opportunities

High quality education and free schooling for kids

Full-time working rights for your spouse

Be a part of Canada’s growing economy

How GreenTree, Kerala, Helps You in Immigrating to Canada?

Your visa process is an absolute breeze with GreenTree. Our Canada immigration consultants in Kerala are well-taught and bring utmost clarity to your every query regarding everything from initial point calculations to documentations and visa application.

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report is mandatory to prove your study and we help you with getting one.

Next comes the IELTS score, our expert Canada PR visa consultants offer professional guidance with the required score and its preparation tips.

Furthermore, we help you put the best foot forward with your Express Entry profile creation and application.

The processes that follow with regards to receiving ITA and the PR application filling will all be followed up and guided for the best outcomes, directing you towards a future you’ve always dreamt of in moving to Canada.

Talk to the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Keralabest Canada Immigration Consultants in Kerala at GreenTree immigration, check your eligibility, and acquire complete guidance on how to proceed with your visa processing, landing you in your dream country, Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How long does it usually take to immigrate to Canada?

Ans : Each profile is unique and might require different waiting times. However, on an average, it might take 6 months to immigrate to Canada on Express Entry.

What is the easiest pathway to acquire a Canada PR visa?

The fastest pathway for skilled professionals to immigrate to Canada is through the Express Entry program with processing times less than 6 months.

What are the minimum points needed to get into the Express Entry pool?

You are required to score a minimum of 67 on a 100-point grid to be accepted into the Express Entry pool. .

Can you suggest a few tips to improve my chances of getting a Canada PR?

Increase your English language score or show proficiency in both English and French to claim extra points. Adding your partner’s skills to your application will also improve your CRS score. .

Which immigration agency is best for Canada immigration in Kerala?

You are required to score a minimum of 67 on a 100-point grid to be accepted into the Express Entry pool. .

How can I get PR for Canada from Kerala?

There are several consultancies in Kerala that can help you with Canada immigration. But, GreenTree consultancy’s visa services are one of the best in the country and in Kerala and holds a great reputation in achieving 100% success rate.

How much do Canada immigration consultants charge?

Each profile is unique and is studied individually and hence, the cost may differ from person to person and respective visa pathways. Our consultants at GreenTree provide the best PR services at competitive pricing.

What is a good CRS score in 2024?

In general, a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score is 500. In 2024, 500 and above is considered good enough to receive an invitation to apply.

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