France Student Visa

France students visa are classified into 3 types

Schengen short stay student visa – You can come and study in France for up to 3months under this visa, without the need for a separate residence visa. This visa is mainly for the students who are planning to study a language program.

Temporary long stay visa – This visa allows you to study in France for between three and six months without the need for a residence permit and it is non- renewable.

Long stay visa – If you’re going for a bachelors or masters program, then you need to apply for this visa. Long stay visas act as residence permits and are called VLT-TS.

French student visa has two distinct stages of application. One at the campus in France and the other one at the embassy. The documents set can differ; you need to submit originals at campus France and photo- copies at the embassy/consulate/visa application centers.

You should provide two sets of photocopies containing the following documents

  • Visa application form for the duration of more than 90 days.
  • Valid passport.
  • A print out of your campus France ID number.
  • Letter of acceptance from the university.
  • Payment receipt of first year tuition fee.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Proof of medical insurance with coverage valid in France.
  • Degree and academic certificates.
  • IELTS score sheet.
  • SOP

Visa fee

The Visa Fee for Long Stay National Visa for Study purposes is €50 for students applying for bachelors/ masters courses. For dual course applicants as well as exchange students, the fee is the same. This amount needs to be paid at the nearest BNP Paribas Branch.

Apart from this charge, you would also be required to pay a Visa Processing charge of €50 which is at present at INR 4076 as well as the VFS Service Fees and handling charges which amount to INR 1467 (inclusive of taxes). Please note the visa fee for applicants applying to the France Visa Application Centre in New Delhi and Kolkata is payable by a Bank Draft. Visa fee for applicants applying to the France Visa Application Centre in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Goa, Chennai, and Puducherry is payable by cash only. Also, an optional courier facility is available at Rs 300 (inclusive of service tax) per application.

How to apply for Student Visa

Once you received your acceptance letter from the French institution will you be eligible to apply for a student visa. First, you need to appear for an interview with France, and then you need to submit your documents with VFS.

  1. Long on to india.campusfrance.org. Create your online Registration account.
  2. Fill all the required sections including SOP and Resume sections. Upload all your education documents and photograph.
  3. Once you complete your registration you will be getting separate file number for your application.
  4. And then share your file number to the assigned campus France office to get your file reviewed, and request for an appointment.
  5. You will need to appear in person for the academic interview with the campus France advisor. You need to carry all the mandatory documents plus one set of photocopies along with the campus France fee payment.
  6. At the end of the interview, you will receive an Interview completion certificate.
  7. After the academic interview, schedule an appointment with VFS- France, to submit your documents, photocopies, receipts, and passport.

You can take your spouse and children to France while you study but this is conditional. These conditions include having enough and appropriate financing and living space. But this is applicable only for the students who are going for Masters Program.

As an international student you are eligible to take on paid work for 964 hours annually (this equates to about 60% full-time employment). Students are hired to provide assistance to incoming students, helping disabled students, tutoring, IT support and assistance, working in the career center etc.

Work visa

Students who have completed their master’s degree or the equivalent may apply for a one time non-renewable temporary residency authorization called APS (authorization proviso ire de sejour). It is valid for 12months.

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