Canada CRS Calcualtor

IRCC nominates your profile based on a ranking based scoring system Named as CRS (Comprehensive Ranking system). CRS Being the selection factor of your Canadian dream plays a vital role. Higher the score you have faster the nomination would be achieved

Since the Number of applications submitted is on the higher end the Canadian government selects highly skilled potential candidates using the system CRS and its is a scale of 1200 points. The profile with the highest score in the pool gets ITA (invitation to apply)

The Break-up of 1200 points is as follows:

  1. A, Core/human capital factors (500/460)
  2. B, Spouse/Common law partner (40)
  3. C, Skills transferability (100)
  4. D, additional points (PNP included) (600)

The draw frequency is tentatively once in 14 days on an average 2 draws in a month happens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to improve my CRS score in 2022?

The people who can contribute to Canada’s economy with their skill

  1. By scoring more than CLB 9 in IELTS
  2. By applying for Provincial nomination
  3. In case of spouse added to the application spouse education and IELTS can be a major factor
  4. Not waiting for the perfect time to apply for PR process because the age factor can be game changing
  5. Owing good French proficiency and attaining NCLC level 7 or higher
  6. In case of owing bachelor credentials try studying an Master’s degree
What is the eligible points for CRS?

CRS doesn’t have an eligibility scale being the nomination factor CRS helps us with the nomination part. Even with the score of 350 or 380 we are still eligible to apply for PR

Does NOC affect CRS points?

In fact NOC doesn’t affect much but the logic hidden here is Applicants General Skill set falling under NOC category 0, A, B with a valid LMIA job offer can boost your score by 50 Points

I know my CRS score I have evaluated it online why should I apply for a report?

Applying for an evaluation report is necessary. The immigration policies keeps changing on Regular basis hence its necessary for an applicant to check your profile eligibility with an professional Immigration consultant. The updating immigration changes sometimes may not be updated in the calculator available online. Online calculator can provide you an idea on your profile but it doesn’t guarantee you on a prefect outcome. Choose Green Tree Immigration as your Immigration assistance. We handle your profile with top Notch professionalism

I have 300+ CRS do I still stand a chance with Canadian immigration?

Yes, you stand a chance when guided professionally with the available and Eligible PNP options. Figure out the province your profile is in demand and choose an Professional Immigration consultant they would definitely pave a way on your stagnant application

Abbreviate CRS?

Comprehensive Ranking system

Canadian Immigration Process is available in the youtube. Why should I choose an immigration consultant?

The content available in the internet are posted by prospects who has already immigrated via us. We provided them the right direction with their process and since they went through the entire process they surely are aware on the bits and pieces of the process. Since the process varies profile to profile it is necessary that you are being guided by a professional Immigration consultants

Youtube content creators doesn’t have professional immigration experience they post Vlogs as a part time initiative hence it is important for you to safeguard from the unqualified Immigration consultants

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