Germany Student Visa

Students who are going to Germany for more than 90 days are required to get a residence permit.There are three types of Germany student visas you can apply for:

German Student Visa

This is the standard student visa for international students who have been admitted to a German university and are ready to start their studies at a full-time university program.

German Student Applicant Visa

You need this visa if you need to be in Germany to apply for university admission in person. This visa doesn’t allow you to in Germany, its only valid for the university application process.

German Language Course Visa

You need this type of visa to study for a German language in Germany.

Cost of Germany Student Visa

You need to apply for a visa in person. A German student visa would cost around €75. The Visa processing time could take up to 25days if you submit all your documents. Sometimes candidates are required to submit more documents. In such a case the visa processing time will take up to 12 weeks. The candidates needed to apply for residence permit on arrival to Germany would have to pay up to 110 Eur. It can be issued anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks, so the international students are advised to apply as soon as possible.

You will need to prove to the visa officer that you have finances for one year. The amount would be €853 per month or €10,236.

Per annum (approx) kept in a Blocked Account. A residence permit issued to students is valid for a maximum of two years. It needs to be renewed if the duration of the course is longer than the stated two years.

  • As soon as you have received the acceptance letter from your university and start preparing the documents for your visa application.
  • Procure photos that meet biometric photos requirements as specified on the official website.
  • Fill out the Application form for National Visa. Print it out, sign it, and submit it along with the other documents.
  • Please print out the Declaration on true and complete information also found on the official website, and sign it.
  • Schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the German Mission.
  • Shortly before your appointment, verify the current exchange rate for your visa fee on the official German Mission website and obtain the Demand Draft.

Documents Required for Visa

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Letter of acceptance from the universities and tuition fee payment receipt.
  3. Visa application form.
  4. University Certificates and transcript- Degree certificates and mark sheets.
  5. Proof of funds.
  6. Statement of purpose.
  7. IELTS score sheet.
  8. Demand Drafts for the student visa fee.

Spouses and children may be allowed to travel with you while you’re studying in Germany. You should have enough funds to support yourself and your dependents.

Students can work 180 days halftime or 90 days full time in an academic year. Currently Germany is the only country which allows students to take part time technical jobs related to their field of study.

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