Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is used to check the Canadian equivalency of a foreign degree, diploma or certificate. For Example, an ECA will determine if an applicant’s foreign Master’s degree is of the same standard when compared to a Canadian Master’s degree. ECA for aparticular credential (degree, diploma or certificate)is not mandatory if the credential was awarded in Canada by a Canadian educational body. ECA is one of the mandatory documents for Express Entry.

For CEC there is no minimum education requirement, however proving completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree (or higher) through Canadian credentials or ECA can help youfetch additional CRS points.

Onthecontrary,thereisaminimumeducationrequirementforFSW.All applicantsmust prove that their foreign education is equal to a completed Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree.

How can I get my ECA done?

CIC(IRCC) acceptsEducationalCredentialAssessment(ECA)donebyoneofthe seven designated organizations mentioned below:

Most applicants will be able to get their ECA done by selecting one of the first 5 designated organizations from the list above.

For applicants with NOC code 3111 and 3112 Medical Council of Canada MUST issue the ECA. For applicants with NOC code 3131, Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Must issue the ECA.

Below are the sample for Education analyzed:

Education Analysis:

Primary Applicant:
Credential Obtained Bachelors, Masters
Credential type UG, PG
Name of the University Bharath Institute of Higher Education, University of Boras
University Recognition Yes
Preferred Assessing Body WES
Secondary Applicant:
Credential Obtained Bachelors
Credential type UG, PG
Name of the University Bharath Institute of Higher Education
University Recognition Yes
Preferred Assessing Body WES

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is WES?

World Education Services (WES) is one of the Canadian assessing authorities to evaluate your education in Canadian standards and issue ECA report to you. WES is fastest assessing body where you will receive your ECA report faster when compare to other Assessing bodies.

How long does WES take to issues ECA after covid-19?

General processing time for WES is 35-45 business days once after receiving your official transcript. After covid -19 the processing time increased up-to 60 days

Can I renew my WES?

You can renew your WES through online in my account by paying the renewal cost.

How long is WES ECA valid?

Your ECA is valid for 5years. In between if you want to update your education qualification you can just upgrade the report through online using my WES account.

Should the university directly send the transcript to WES?

Yes, you have to request the University to send the transcript directly to WES with the sealed envelope. University can also send the transcript electronically to WES apart from regular mail.

My transcript has arrived at WES but the status in WES hasn’t changed why is it?

Some times it happens. Due to huge number of applications, it takes s time for them to update the status on each profile. You have to be patient and it will be updated shortly.

Are WES office open now?

WES remains open and they are working remotely to facilitate the completion of evaluation report.

Where is WES headquarters located?

WES is headquatered in New York. The official Mailing address of WES is:

World Education Services

Attention documentation Center
Bowling Green Station
P.O.Box 5087
New York, NY 10274-5078.
The U.S.A
Contact Number: 800-361-3106

How can I check my WES status?

You can check your WES status in WES my account online.

My university is not listed in WES what should I do now?

It is fine. If it is not listed in the WES, apart from WES they are 4 other assessing authorities where you can evaluate your degree and get a ECA report.

What is the international credential advantage package (ICAP)?

When you choose international credential package, your school or the institution of your choice will receive a copy of your verified transcripts in addition to credential evaluation. WES will also store your documents after your evaluation has been completed.

Is WES mandatory for Express Entry?

An ECA is mandatory document for many immigration pathways into Canada, including Express Entry. An ECA will determine your degree equivalency as per Canadian standards.

Is WES mandatory for PNP?

To get points for your education under the pointing system you must need the ECA report from WES or other assessing authorities.

What is double bachelors?

When you hold Two or more certificates program, degree or diploma it will be consider as double bachelors in WES. For example : you have completed bachelors and Postgraduate diploma it will be consider as double bachelors.

What is WES charges?

Wes Charges – 220 CAD for all the credentials

Courier charges – Standard courier – 220+10CAD ,International courier – 220+85CAD

What is Wes badge?

A WES Digital Badge is a web-enabled version of your credential evaluation, which means that it can be verified online instantly Confirms that your credentials were awarded by a duly recognized institution.

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