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GreenTree Immigration is renowned for offering clear, thorough, and dependable visa and immigration services throughout Chennai and Tamil Nadu. We are situated in the central area of Chennai, Egmore, and have proved to be one of the excellent Canada education consultants in Chennai.

Eligibility Requirements to apply for a Canada Student Visa

  • Must be enrolled in a Designated Learning Institute (DLI).
  • Must have good English proficiency.
  • Must demonstrate sufficient funds (Tuition fees expenses, living expenses, and other expenses).
  • Must be medically fit
  • Must leave Canada after the visa expires.
  • Must be of good character.

Why study in Canada?

World Standard Education

Safe and secure

Safe and secure country for Indians

Stayback options

Stayback options for up to 3 years


Work up to 20 hours a week

search vector

Research opportunities


Affordable fee structure


Ample job vacancies for various domains


SOWP (Open Work Permit) for dependents


Easiest and best way to apply for Canadian PR

Educational Qualifications for Studying in Canada


Major Intakes in Canada

Fall Intake Winter Intake Summer Intake
Primary Intake Secondary Intake Last Intake
Competition high Competition high Competition comparatively low

Duration of study in Canada

Advanced Diploma Graduate / PG Diploma
3 years 8 months - 2 years
Bachelors Masters
4 years 2 years

Part-time Job Opportunities in Canada

Approved English Proficiency Tests to apply for a Canada Student Visa

6.0 60 83
CAEL CELIP (General)
60 7

Document Checklist for Canada Student Visa


Valid passport




Medical Clearance Certificate (MCC)


Police Clearance Certificate (if applicable)

Marksheets and degree certificates

Marksheets and degree certificates

Proof of funds

Proof of funds

English Proficiency Test results

English Proficiency Test results

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Streams of Canada Study Visa

There are two major streams of Canada Study Visa:

1.Student Direct Stream (SDS)

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a program designed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that provides a streamlined application process for students from certain countries applying for a Canadian study permit.

Currently, students from India, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, Peru, Pakistan, Senegal, Columbia, Morocco, and Costa Rica can apply through the SDS.

The processing time through this stream is 20 days (time frames vary periodically).

The success rates are higher.

Shorter processing times.


Non-SDS Canada refers to a program in Canadian education services for international students.

Non-SDS applies to all students in the country who want to pursue education in Canada.

The processing time through this stream is 6 - 8 weeks (time frames vary periodically).

Lengthy processing times.

Types of Canada Student Visas

IELTS (Academic) PTE
Allowed only to study Allowed to study and work
Work part-time Mandatory internships and co-op programs
No mandatory internships Requires credits of work
Convert S-1 visa to SW-1 visa by availing a co-op program.

What is the difference between a Canada Study Visa and a Canada Study Permit?

A Canada Study Visa and a Canada Study Permit are often confused, but they are different. A Canada Study Visa is an official document stamped on your passport demonstrating that you have met the requirements to be admitted as a temporary resident in Canada. It does not authorize you to study or work in Canada.

On the other hand, a Study Permit is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows a foreign national to study in Canada for a limited time. However, the Study Permit is not a visa, it doesn't allow you to enter Canada. Students need to apply for both to enter and study in Canada.

Step-by-step procedure to apply for a Canada Study Visa:

Step 1: Profile evaluation and consultation.

Step 2: Assistance in university admissions and course selection.

Step 3: Our Canada student visa consultants in Chennai help in gathering and submitting the required documents.

Step 4: Apply to the universities and colleges selected.

Step 5: Obtain an offer letter (LOA) from the university.

Step 6: Pay the First Semester tuition fees & get the fee receipt

Step 7: Get the medical clearance certificate (MCC).

Step 8: Deposit CAD $20,635 in the GIC account.

Step 9: Lodge the visa application and submit the biometrics.

Step 10: Get the visa approval and obtain the passport stamp.

Canada GIC Student Program 2024

The financial requirements for future study permit applicants will be doubled from January 1, 2024, as per the new updates from IRCC for international students. The updated amount for GIC 2024 is CAD $20,635.

Latest changes to the and updates for International Students from IRCC

  • Update to the GIC funds from January 1, 2024. The new updated amount is CAD $20,635.
  • Distance learning measures have also been extended.
  • There will be no extension for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after April 2024.
  • There might be a limit on international students arriving post Fall 2024.
  • The policy for full-time work for international students has been prolonged.
  • Can be employed for up to 20 hours per week during the academic term.
  • During the semester break, can work for up to 40 hours per week.

GreenTree Immigration’s University tie-ups

We can help you with university admissions and choosing the course that suits your interest. We have collaborations with many top-notch universities and institutes in Canada.

Universities that accept students with an IELTS overall score of 6


Other top universities we have tie-ups with are listed below


University of Calgary


University of Waterloo


University of New Brunswick


University of Saskatchewan


Vancouver Island University


Trent University


Toronto Metropolitan University


University of Windsor


Yorkville University


Niagara College


Carleton University


Lakehead University

Tuition Fees in Canada

Compared to other countries, the cost of education in Canada is generally more affordable. The cost of tuition fees in Canada can vary based on the course, institution, and province chosen.

Bachelors Program PG Diploma Program Masters Program
CAD $18,000 - 40,000/year CAD $8,000 - 20,000/year CAD $14,000 - 35,000/year

Accommodation in Canada for International Students

Condominiums or Dormitories (On Campus)

Dormitories and condominiums are types of residences provided by universities or colleges either on the campus or close to it. While dormitories typically house multiple students and are relatively large, condominiums are usually smaller, standalone apartments designed to accommodate between three to five students.

Shared Apartments (Off-Campus)

Apartments shared off-campus are comparable to townhouses. You have the option to reside alone or with multiple roommates. Though you will have your room, the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas will be communal.

Apartment on rent

These private accommodations are well-furnished. You can reserve one of these apartments online before arriving in Canada.


Students who wish to experience living with a family often choose homestays. This option provides a private room and three meals per day. It also offers an opportunity to better understand Canadian culture.

Study Permit Extension Canada

If you want to extend your study permit in Canada, you need to apply for a study permit extension. This should be done 30 days before your current permit expires. If your permit expires while the extension is being processed, you can stay in Canada under ‘implied status’ until a decision is made. You will need to leave Canada if your extension is refused.

Stay back options:

For a one-year program from a DLI, you get a 1-year PGWP

For a 2-year program from a DLI, you get a 3-year PGWP

Can I extend my PGWP?

Yes, you can extend the period of your PGWP We at Greentree Immigration, our team with the best immigration pathways to help students achieve their dream of studying abroad and make the most of their international education.

To Learn more

About pre-departure guidelines for international students in Canada

  • Gather all necessary applications to obtain your international student status.
  • Make sure all travel documents including passport, student visa, and travel insurance are up-to-date and valid.
  • Obtain your student authorization, a permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Get health and medical checks. Some students may need to undertake certain medical tests and vaccines before arriving in Canada
  • It's also crucial to check if any of your medication is prohibited or controlled in Canada.
  • Pack suitable clothes for the weather, the temperature can greatly vary across different regions.
  • Open a bank account and transfer money. Currency should be exchanged into Canadian dollars.
  • Make living arrangements (accommodation) before you arrive in Canada.
  • Arrange for a transport service to take you from the airport to your accommodation.
  • Confirm your course registration and enrolment, and take note of important academic dates.
  • Make sure to notify your university of your arrival date.
  • Sign up for a student account on the university’s website.
  • If you plan to work while you are in Canada, understand the guidelines for student work permits.
  • Notify your family and friends about your travel details and new address.

Why choose GreenTree Immigration for your Canada study visa assistance?

GreenTree Immigration has been rendering premium study visa services for years and is known to be one of the best overseas education consultants in Chennai for Canada.

  • 99.9% study visa approval rates.
  • Counseling students about Canadian study visas.
  • Arrange paperwork and visa application submission on schedule.
  • Free university admissions and course selection.
  • IELTS Assistance.
  • Scholarship assistance.
  • Tie-ups with banks for your GIC.
  • Our study in Canada consultants in Chennai pays extra attention to visas that have been rejected, transforming unsuccessful study visa applications into successful ones.
  • Dedicated and excellent SOP writing services.
  • Ensure our clients are informed promptly about the latest changes and updates regarding immigration.
  • Additional services related to visas, such as translation, verification, and document collection for prompt submission, are also available to students


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